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About Megan

Megan was first exposed to yoga at a young age having watched her mother practice the art at home.

She has always been interested in holistic health and healing and took up the study of Nutrition and Ayurveda- the ancient medical healing system of India, of which Yoga is an important aspect. After gaining certification in Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle counselling she crossed over her studies to specialise in Yoga  which she was most drawn to. Megan's passion and motivation for yoga practice ultimately is freedom. She believes in the science and art of yoga as a tool for healing and balancing and self discovery. In her own life and in helping others she offers the teachings of yoga as a means of overcoming limitations; negative factors of body and mind that can impede our natural flow and experience of happiness and creativity.

Megan is also mum to 2 boys aged 7 and 2 years. She lives in Titirangi and can often be found in the ocean at Piha or walking in the Waitakere rain forest. She is also a student of Kung Fu and Chi Gung, loves photography, music, gardening and cooking.


What style yoga?

My teacher always laughed at this question and would answer "the style of yoga where you gain oneness with the universe of course!".

Yoga is the technology for achieving balance of the body and mind. When our systems are harmonized and the mind becomes still we are able to find what yoga refers to as the atman - our true self. A self that shares a connection with all other life - as life itself.

My style has firm roots in Sivananda yoga, passed on to me by my teacher the late Vasudeva Venkataya who trained in a Sivananda ashram for 14 years and who I studied yoga with for 10 years.

  Over the years I have practiced different styles such as Iyenga which has a strong emphasis on alignment and Ashtanga who's hallmark is the vinyasa (flow) style. I have also enjoyed dance and pilates. I feel grateful to the teachings of Krishnamacharya and his students including Iyenga, Pattabhi Jois, Desikachar who were responsible for yogas renaissance. I am also inspired by contemporary yogis Shiva Rea (pranaflow), Beryl Bender Birch (power yoga), Donna Farhi (return of the feminine approach to practice), Mark Whitwell (yoga of heart). Other components of my practice include working with the core, creation of poses from earth to sky and a shift toward increasingly more circular as opposed to linear transitions influenced by Kung Fu. My classes sometimes include Chi Gung.
It is my experience that over time individuals will find that following a particular style will fall away as you become free to create and express your own flow. This freedom arises as we find and place our inner teacher or wisdom ahead of external precepts of what the practice should look or be like. The forming of the mind-body connection allows us to perceive our bodies healing needs and as a response to those needs at that time we let our practice unfold. Sometimes the body may need a very slow restorative session and at other times perhaps a more dynamic flow. The physical practice is then personalized as opposed to fitting an external idea onto oneself. All classes have an inner focus and journey the practitioner toward meditation.  



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