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General Classes:

"Simply The Best: I have been attending Megan's yoga classes at Oratia Primary School for more than 5 years, I find these classes challenging and caring, you work to your own level and are never pushed further than you want to go.

Recently I spoke to a lady who previous attended the classes but had shifted out of the district and while enjoying her new home said that she couldn't find a yoga teacher anywhere near as good as Megan in her new area.

I have come to regard Megan as a
friend and confidant in times of trouble."

Carol Taylor

"I have been a regular at Megan's Yoga classes for several years now. When I look back at how tight and inflexible I was when I started, I do wonder how I could do anything. Megan's classes also allow me to be doing something just for me without interruptions from customers, email, phone and domestic life.

Megan's classes continue to reward me every time I go."

Grahame Wilson

"I have been coming to Megan’s yoga classes for about 5 years and have always found them very enjoyable. Her routines are varied and she caters for a wide range of student’s ability. We are encouraged to go at our own pace and never ‘forced’ to go beyond what we are physically capable of!

Megan’s always shows a happy, positive and caring attitude towards her students which makes her a pleasure to have as a teacher."

Dennis Badan

"I had no idea what I was getting into when I joined Megan's Yoga class 8 years ago. I just wanted to be flexible so I could pull off some awesome martial arts kicks. But what I received was far better.

Sure, my entire body HAS benefited from Yoga. I'm stronger and more flexible. I no longer get back pain or headaches and I can do high kicks with ease.

But those things just don't compare to the other gifts that Yoga brings - Mental clarity, focus and true happiness.

Honestly, I don't know how I used to function. My mind was like a wild monkey on the loose... Bouncing and swinging all over the show.

But now I have the ability to calm my mind down and focus it. This not only allows me to be more effective and relaxed in daily life. It has also given me some of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

Sometimes I will be doing the most mundane task, yet be experiencing indescribable peace and joy on the inside."

Tom Wilson

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Mums and Bubs / preschoolers Classes:

Attending Megan's classes has been the best thing I could have done for myself and my son.

In an enviroment with other Mum's and Bubs/Toddlers, you are able to not only further your yoga experience but your child also experiences the energy created in this class. 

It has helped with my anxieties and given me the confidence to explore my yoga practice further.

Thank you Megan, you truly are a star x   

Amber Ferguson

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Megan’s ‘Yoga for Mums’ classes have been a great way to start the week, calming and supportive and looked forward to both me and my two year old son.” 

Joanne McGregor

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Harmony yoga´s "Yoga for Mums classes" have been a fantastic find for Sia and I. Megan conducts her classes with a gentle respect for both mums and children. I was amazed at how the children reflected the relaxed environment through their behaviour. 

I truly felt relaxed and refreshed after class and I particularly enjoy Megan's wisdom into how poses may help you in your everyday life. Sia (8 months) love´s coming to class, she particularly likes Megan's baskets of shell´s, feathers and herbs from her garden .

Sarah MacDonald

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I started Megan's 'Yoga for Mums' class looking for a way to increase flexibility and breathe while having my 2 year old present. Despite some preconceptions about yoga and toddlers I have found that it has been a very relaxed and enjoyable environment to learn, both Eli and I look forward to these classes. Megan has been very inspirational and I love her style of teaching.

Sacha Proffit

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As a first time mum and new to the Auckland area, Megan's classes have been a real life line for me. Gracie (15mths) and I look forward to the social side as much as the class itself! The relaxed atmosphere makes it so easy to get to know the other mums and make new friends.

There is never any pressure to keep your baby quiet and mums can feel free to feed, cuddle and include their child in their practice.

Mums can relax and enjoy some space in mind, body and spirit.
I always leave Megan's classes feeling strong and energised yet relaxed and inspired. Ready to focus on being a mum.  And that truly is a gift. Thank you Megan. :)

Hils Cowburn


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