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MAMAste; yoga for mums and bubs

"The mama in me bows to and honours the mama in you, together we are One".


  Amber, Hilary and Megan.

Welcome to MAMAste! We offer speciality classes that are designed so mums can bring their baby or young child (pre school) and practice yoga. Classes are offered in course blocks.

Mums let us provide a welcoming, healing space to receive and support you in whatever state you and bubs arrive, we know...we've been there!

All mums with or without any prior experience are welcome. Come join with other mums going through the same life experience in sharing yogic, dietary and lifestyle practices and wisdom. Parenting youngsters can be a busy and stressful time. Let us guide you back to your centre to feel blissfully re connected, relaxed and empowered.

Classes are facilitated so young children are engaged in fun activities- story, yoga posture play and snack time while babies can be cuddled giving mum a welcome break to focus on herself. There is also coming together and bonding time during relaxation. Best of all, each class concludes with a healthy snack to replenish you and time to meet with other mums!


  • The classes include work to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor and the core muscle groups- not just pertinent to new mums but all women post birth.

  • Shoulder and back release. This will happen within a balanced practice framework including postures, breath work and relaxation.

  • We also touch on nutritional and lifestyle factors and conclude each class with a delicious snack or beverage.

  • Children love yoga. Having you sit still at their level is a joy in itself for small children. They benefit from the mood and atmosphere of the class and are invited into fun activities and a snack time just for them. Babies can be cuddled to give mum a break and lay next to her.


  • There is space to bring buggies, carry cots etc.
  • Bring a fruit for your child to share at snack time.
  • Mats provided (or bring your own).

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 General Classes

        Learn a wide range of practices including asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and dhyana (meditation), also Yoga Nidra and Guided Relaxations. Each class is a journey from beginning to end, we slowly rein in our minds, release tension from our bodies and expand our prana (life-force) to effect consciousness. The fruit of a good practice is meditation. In meditation Self knowledge is acquired. Along the way we stretch, strengthen, breathe and heal.


  • Strength and flexibility of body and mind
  • Organs are compressed and released in some poses giving internal massage and balance to their respective systems
  • Increased lubrication to joints helping to maintain health
  • Harmonisation of physical and metaphysical bodies
  • Mis alignments corrected, posture improved
  • Increased lung capacity, deep, even breathing
  • Ability to be equanimous, have self control and conserve energy
  • Ability to concentrate, to let go, to relax
  • Increased immunity
  • Self-acceptance and well being increase
  • Expansion of consciousness
  • Connection to intuition
  • Self knowledge


  • Your yoga mat (there are some spares)
  • Warm layers in cooler months
  • Your discipline, faith, tenacity and perseverance
  • Your ability to forgive yourself and turn to laughter when the above fails (then get back on the path!).


  • Mixed level
  • Variations given

Gentle, yin-inspired class

 Perfect for Beginners who want a gentle introduction to yoga, those with physical limitations or injuries or anyone wanting a more Yin or restorative practice. Deep connective tissue and fascia of the body is released and stretched with longer held postures. The postures are more passive and mainly on the floor. This class makes a great compliment to other more dynamic styles of yoga and a busy personal life. Suitable for Beginners and all levels.


  • regulation of energy flow, calming body and mind
  • increase flexibility and mobility in the body especially in joints and hips
  • lowers stress levels
  • greater stamina
  • better lubrication and protection of joints
  • can help with imbalances such as TMD and migraines
  • deep relaxation
  • ability to cope with anxiety and stress
  • better ability to sit for meditation (cultivation of stillness and flexibility in hips)
  • balances and enables a better yang practice

Kids Classes

In the hub of Titirangi Village. Can you imagine if you had started yoga as a kid?!
These classes will provide learning and important skills and understanding in a fun, non competitive environment. Story, games and poses are interwoven so children can relax and have fun and learn at their best. In this way not only are strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and fitness gained but also too are self confidence, better focus, body awareness and concentration. Life-long seeds of wellness are planted!
Kids yoga is a holistic practice with an inner and outer awareness. Kids feel supported and connected so they can learn and grow.

Benefits of highly organised and fun yoga lessons for kids:

Helps kids relax, unwind and calm themselves, reduces stress, identify guiding values, improve concentration and balance, promotes healthy active lifestyle, helps kids sleep better, improves motor skills, improves strength and flexibility, develops self expression and self confidence, increases self awareness and awareness of others and the environment, learn how to co operate with others in partnerships and group work, yoga for kids is also FUN :-)

We use: Art and craft, story and music to make yoga fun and engaging.

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